Back in June Yahoo announced that it is going to reset IDs that have been inactive for at least one full year. This is being done to free up usernames that are no longer being used. This provides an excellent opportunity to those users who have been eyeing a Yahoo username but haven’t been able to possess it because it was already taken up by someone else. Today Yahoo started handing usernames to users who had signed up for the Wishlist and entered their top five choices.

In July Yahoo told everyone to start filling up their wish lists with five top choices according to the order of their preference by August 7th. If a user was first in line for a particular username and had mentioned it in their Wishlist, it would be granted to them. Those who weren’t able to get their requested username this time around are automatically going to be put on the Watchlist, which Yahoo launched today, for free. If you weren’t part of the Wishlist but now want to be on the Watch list, you’ll have to pay $1.99,. Watchlist lets you keep an eye on five usernames for three years. When your required username opens up, Yahoo will hold if for you for 14 days and you’ll be next in line for it.

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