3d-printed-wearables-maker-faireHaving a 3D printer can be fun if you happen to have the technical know how in churning a piece of artwork out. When it comes to fashion, this is one sensitive topic which could split opinions right down the middle. After all, you are not quite sure whether someone who wears that particular piece of fashion is downright ugly in it, or is depicted as a visionary by others. Well, Aaron Trocola is the person behind ThreeForm Fashion, where Trocola has been working on customer-specific 3D printed wearables for some time now, and he was recently spotted over at the New York Maker Faire.

Needless to say, Trocola’s creations are definitely worth checking out, although they tend to be more on the skimpy side. What you see above is a 3D printed skullcap that was an unfinished prototype of ThreeForm Fashion’s latest concept, namely tech-inclusive 3D printed clothing. This weird looking skullcap features a pair of vents at its crown in addition to a matching pair of openings located at its front, and it is currently in the process of being outfitted via a working, mechanical ventilation system. When complete, the skullcap will feature the ability to draw air over the top of its wearer’s head, so that one’s head will feel a nice breeze even on a hot summer day.

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