Casio Claims They Are Prepared For Smartwatches From The Competition

Casio G-SHOCK GB-6900 dAs we’re sure some of you guys have heard by now, there are a number of companies who are looking to get into the smartwatch market. We know that Samsung will announce the Galaxy Gear smartwatch at IFA 2013, and recent patents from Motorola has hinted that the company could be looking to launch a successor of its MOTOACTV smartwatch that was launched a while back, so what do normal watch manufacturers have to say about this?

Casio is a brand known by most and it seems that the company is not too fazed by these watch efforts from these tech giants. Speaking to The New York Times, Casio’s Kazuo Kashio was quoted as saying, “Suddenly, everyone’s discovered the wrist […] We’ve known for a long time it’s prime real estate. We’re prepared.” While Casio has yet to offer up a watch that will be similar to what Samsung will be offering, and what other tech companies such as Apple are rumored to be working on, they have dabbled with technology that has integrated watches with our smartphones.

This includes previous offerings that allow for watches and phones to be paired via Bluetooth and display information on the watch such as incoming text messages, calls, and emails. Will Casio be able to prevail against companies such as Samsung and Apple? We guess only time will tell.

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