Motorola-smartwatch-patent-gaze-detection-Phandrizzle-640x445When it comes to smartwatches, Motorola is definitely not a newbie to the industry having launched the MOTOACTV smartwatch awhile back, although with rise of smartwatches such as Pebble with Samsung entering the fray with the Samsung Galaxy Gear, we guess we wouldn’t be surprised if Motorola was looking to reevaluate matters and launch something that could compete with existing products. Thanks to a recently discovered Motorola patent, we might have an idea of what sort of device Motorola could be looking to make.

The patent was filed for back in February earlier this year, so it’s safe to say that it’s relatively new instead of an idea that has been sitting around in storage for the past couple of years. The patent describes several features of such a device, one of them being a “gaze detection” feature that would allow the watch to know when the wearer is looking at it. The patent also describes how the watch would feature dual touchscreen displays, and a host of features that includes a heart monitor, a body temperature monitor, a pulse monitor, and etc. for the more fitness-minded consumer.

Of course with this being a patent there’s really no telling if and when Motorola will turn it into a reality, but what do you guys think? Would you like to see a new smartwatch effort from Motorola?

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