microsoft-nokiaWith Microsoft about to acquire Nokia, we’re sure there are some customers who might not be too happy about it. After all there have been talks about how the Nokia brand (at least as far as cellphones are concerned) would be removed and everything would be Microsoft-branded. Given Nokia’s long history in the mobile phone industry, undoubtedly many would be sad to see the brand go. However it looks like the impact of the acquisition is not as big as some would have thought, and when several huge retailers in India were interviewed about potential backlash from customers, it seems that there wasn’t much.

According to The Times of India who spoke to retailers such as The Mobile Store and UniverCell Telecom, both of whom account for more than half of total smartphone sales, it seems that the sales of Nokia devices continued as per normal and did not see much dip, which they attributed to customers being unbothered by the acquisition. Of course we expect there are those who are saddened by this news, but in the grand scheme of things it looks like it’s business as usual. What do you guys say? Has Microsoft’s decision affected your future purchases?

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