Ever since Capcom’s reveal of Dead Rising 3 during E3 2013, we haven’t heard much in regards to the Xbox One exclusive game. Sure – we’ve seen two new trailers for the game, one featuring some amazing CGI while the other showing actual in-game footage. But during the Tokyo Game Show, Capcom has revealed Dead Rising 3 will feature online co-op where players will be able to take control of either Nick or Dick.

Dead Rising 3 will support players who want to play either single-player or co-op modes, making progress in either mode transferrable between both modes. In other words, whatever mayhem you cause in co-op mode will be saved when you revert back to Dead Rising 3’s single-player mode, and vice versa. Co-op isn’t completely new to the Dead Rising franchise as it was first made available in Dead Rising 2, but we’re sure the experience will be much better in Dead Rising 3 considering the game will be running on the Xbox One.

In addition to news of Dead Rising 3’s co-op mode, Capcom is announcing the return of psychopaths, which we’re sure you’re already all too familiar with if you’ve played previous Dead Rising games. If you want to learn more about the new psychopaths in Dead Rising 3, be sure to head over to Capcom’s blog.

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