iphone5s-gold-teardownEarlier in the day, we brought you word that there was an iPhone 5s teardown, except that it was not done by the folks over at iFixit, but rather, Australia’s iExpert. Neither was it the gold colored model that was taken apart, although the teardown then did reveal a slightly larger battery that should put to rest any potential arguments that the battery is smaller or of the same size as its predecessor. The folks over at iFixit have managed to wrap their hands around a gold iPhone 5s, and of course, they proceeded with the standard teardown.

After prying the iPhone 5s open, the iFixit team more or less touted that what they discovered within was more or less similar to the one in its predecessor, the iPhone 5. Of course, this is not to say there are no changes at all, but the changes are pretty much few in number. For instance, there is a cable that connects the fingerprint sensor to the Lightning port assembly, while there is no longer a pull-out tab for the 1,560mAh battery. The Touch ID itself is comprised of a bunch of capacitors which will do the job of “remembering” the ridges on your finger, and the 8-megapixel iSight camera has all the signs of a Sony constructed part.

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Key SpecsiPhone 5s
Display Diagonal4" (10.16 cm)
Processor/Soc NameA7
Street Price (Approx)~ $230
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Max. Total Storage Capacity64 GB
Megapixels8 Megapixel
Battery Capacity (mAh)1560 mAh
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