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Essential Phone Gets Branded As A 'Hot Mess'
Andy Rubin’s Essential Phone finally started shipping a couple of weeks back after missing the company’s own initial release deadline. If you’re one of the people who picked up this handset, you might want to take extra care of this device because you woudn’t want to end up in a situation where it needs to be repaired. That’s because the teardown experts at iFixit have branded the Essential Phone as […]

iFixit Nintendo Switch Teardown Gets An 8/10 In Repairability
Thinking about getting the Nintendo Switch? The good news is that if you envision holding onto your Switch for a long time, know that should it get damaged or spoilt in any way that repairing it will apparently be easy. This is according to the folks over at iFixit who did their customary teardown of the console and have given it an 8/10 for repairability.

Apple Smart Battery Case Gets The Teardown Treatment
A few days ago Apple launched the Smart Battery Case designed for the iPhone. According to Apple’s claims, it seems that the Smart Battery Case will provide an estimated 25 hours worth of extra talk time to the iPhone on a single charge, which is pretty impressive actually, but what size battery is under the hood?Thanks to the folks at iFixit, their recent teardown has revealed that the battery Apple […]

Microsoft And iFixit Team Up
iFixit is well known to take existing devices, especially recently released ones, only to take them apart and come up with what they call a “Repairability Score”. This tells you how easy it is to remove the back cover and gain access to all of the internals. Well, it seems that Microsoft has been working alongside iFixit for the past one year in order to provide free training to the […]


Samsung Gear Live Taken Apart
Both Samsung and LG are bitter rivals despite hailing from the same country, which is a good thing since it is this rivalry that drives healthy competition between one another, and we as the consumers win out in the end – most of the time, anyways. Samsung’s latest smartwatch, the Gear Live, has been taken apart by the folks over at iFixit, and they were pretty impressed with the timepiece, […]

iFixit Takes A Look At LG G Watch
The LG G Watch has launched worldwide over the weekend, which means anyone who is curious enough to pick up this Android Wear powered device will be able to do so at the right price, of course. Just how complicated can this digital timepiece of a smartwatch be? The good folks over at iFixit decided to give it a go, and taken it apart to arrive at a repairability rating […]

iFixit Gives HTC One M8 2/10 For Repairability
With HTC officially announced the HTC One M8 yesterday, we’re sure many of you guys are eager to get your hands on the device. After all what’s not to like? The phone packs some great hardware under the hood and even sports a pretty nice metal body which feels pretty premium.Those are some factors that people take into consideration when thinking about a new phone, but at the same time […]

The Original Macintosh Gets A Teardown By iFixit
When it comes to finding out how repairable a device is, or how well its internals have been laid out, the folks at iFixit do an incredible job at that and have in the past provided us with tons of teardowns, such as the iPad Air, iPhone 5s, and so on. Now given that the Macintosh has recently celebrated its 30th birthday, the folks at iFixit have partnered up with […]

PS4 iFixit Teardown Reveals Its Hard Drive Is A Breeze To Replace
Sony already introduced us to the PlayStation 4’s sweet, sweet innards in their official teardown just last week. There was nothing left to the imagination, although Sony just showed us what the PlayStation 4 was made of without giving us any sort of analysis of the hardware. Thankfully, iFixit was able to not only get their hands on a PlayStation 4, but also completely teardown the next-generation console to give […]

Gold iPhone 5s Teardown By iFixit
Earlier in the day, we brought you word that there was an iPhone 5s teardown, except that it was not done by the folks over at iFixit, but rather, Australia’s iExpert. Neither was it the gold colored model that was taken apart, although the teardown then did reveal a slightly larger battery that should put to rest any potential arguments that the battery is smaller or of the same size […]

HTC One Scores Extremely Low On Repairability Scale On iFixit
The flagship device from Taiwanese manufacturer, HTC, has yet to hit the smartphone markets worldwide, but that does not mean there is no lack of interest for it. After all, folks watching the Android scene are starting to lick their lips in anticipation as the HTC One throws down with the recently announced Samsung Galaxy S4. Well, when it comes to the issue of repairability, just how does the HTC […]

iFixit Finds The Pebble Smart Watch Incredibly Durable, But Not Very Repairable
One of the downsides to owning an electronic gadget that you use on a daily basis is that it is prone to wear and tear and eventually breaking down. Replacing said gadgets can be pretty costly which is why some people argue that even though devices like the iPhone use an aluminum body, being prone to scratches can quickly turn it ugly if not protected. Now if you were thinking […]

iFixit Deems Microsoft Surface Pro Least Repairable Tablet
iFixit has been taking apart tech-related products for years to educate us of their sweet, sweet innards, and today, they’ve released their Tablet Repairability list which scores a number of tablets based on their ease of repair.According to their engineers, who have disassembled and analyzed each tablet on their list, the Dell XPS 10 receives a score of 9 out of 10 in its repairability due to the tablet being […]

iPad 4 teardown reveals LG-manufactured display
Yesterday, the modding gurus at iFixit managed to tear down the iPad mini to pieces and confirmed that it does have stereo speakers and a display driver that is surprisingly made by Samsung. Today, in an attempt to thoroughly understand the differences between the iPad 4 and the iPad 3, iFixit is baring the fourth-generation iPad’s body for us to see. The first obvious difference of the iPad 4 is […]