google-glass-exploitTo date, it has been rather challenging for third party developers to roll out apps for Google Glass, but it seems that things are set to change with the introduction of the upcoming Google Glass XE10 update. This particular Google Glass XE10 update will offer code jockeys the necessary tools required for a third party developer to begin writing third party Glassware apps for the Google Glass platform. With this update, developers would have the doors opened up to them so that they can access the sensors as well as features on Google Glass.

If you are a developer yourself, you can certainly look forward to the update’s rollout sometime next month, where it should also pave the way for more interesting games in addition to more functional apps. There is still some feeling of consternation among certain quarters as to whether Google Glass is able to make a huge splash when it finally arrives, but I guess everyone will just have to wait for 2014 to come around before a more concrete view on the situation can be assessed, right? Not only that, the introduction of the Google Glass XE10 update will most probably make sure that more than an adequate number of apps will be available by the time the pair of smart glasses arrive.

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