gmail-easierI am not quite sure which country you live in, but chances are pretty high that everywhere you turn these days – especially in urban areas, you would end up looking at majority of the population be glued onto their smartphone. How many people do you know of who use a feature phone these days? Not many, I suppose, but developing and under developed countries still find feature phones to be the mainstay mass communication device, as smartphones are just too expensive for one to purchase. We are glad to say that Google has not forgotten about feature phone users as they have rolled out their Gmail app in the past for this particular market segment.

It is nice to know that Google has continued to introduce improvements to the Gmail app on select feature phones, where this time around, a bunch of improvements that were introduced would include reducing the overall number of button presses required to read, reply and compose emails. That would certainly make life easier and a whole lot more efficient, especially when you do not have the advantage of a touchscreen display working in your favor. For those who have given it a go, how do you find the new Gmail upgrade so far? [Press Release]

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