The LG G2 has been slowly making its way across U.S. wireless carriers over the past few weeks with the device also being released all over the world. It was rumored back in July LG had set an ambitious goal of 10 million units sold for its LG G2, but today, the head of LG Taiwan officially confirmed the company plans on selling at least 10 million of its new flagship smartphone globally.

LG Taiwan’s head also set a sales target of the LG G2 in Taiwan to 20,000 units every month, as well as achieving 5% market share in overall smartphone sales and 10% market share among higher-end devices in the region. No timetable was made with the announcement, although we wouldn’t be surprised to hear LG reaching the 10 million units sold milestone by the end of 2013.

We were really impressed with the LG G2 in our hands-on as well as our review as its hardware was really impressive. Considering people enjoy having the latest devices with the most powerful hardware, we don’t see why LG would have any trouble reaching their ambitious goal of 10 million units sold.

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1920x1080 IPS LCD
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