At CES 2013, 4K TVs seemed to have taken center stage as several consumer electronics companies showed off their latest and greatest during the show. We’ve seen 4K TVs up close and we still can’t believe our eyes when we come across one, but is its image good enough to trick people into thinking the apocalypse is taking place? That’s what LG wanted to see when they set up a fake meteor crash during a number of interviews.


As you can see from the video posted above, LG used their new 84-inch 4K UHD TV for the prank, although it looks like there was a little assistance as the room can be seen shaking violently as the meteor makes its way to the city below. To make matters worse, once the meteor hits, a huge wall of smoke and ash rolls across the city, and looks to completely cover the building, resulting in the interviewees having to stay in the dark for who knows how long.

We can certainly appreciate the prank LG pulled, but we can’t help but think without the assistance of a rumbling room, the interviewees probably wouldn’t have reacted in the manner they did. They’d probably think something was up with the “window” behind the interviewers desk, but the rumbling probably made this prank way more believable.

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