LinkinPark-xboxmusicIt was just last week when Microsoft decided to roll out both iOS and Android apps for Xbox Music, a move which many see as a major expansion of its service. Well, it certainly did not take too long before a famous name is dropped – with rock band Linkin Park leading the way, having debuted their latest single that is called “A Light that Never Comes” on Xbox Music. It does seem to be the only place which folks are able to listen to it legally for the coming two weeks though.

According to Mike Shinoda, the lead rapper and co-vocalist of Linkin Park, the band’s relationship with Microsoft began when Halo tournaments were held on the original Xbox, before this relationship developed further as the team worked to develop a music making application known as Stagelight, where that included support for touchscreens on Windows 8. Shonida expanded, “In working on Stagelight, I was introduced to Microsoft in a way that was surprising and intriguing. With new Windows devices that come with touchscreens, I saw a potential for the future of music writing, recording, and mixing–I envisioned these computers as the hub of the studio environment, augmenting or replacing the classic mixing consoles that currently eat up the studio space. As we met various people at Microsoft, I was inspired by the passion and creativity behind their innovations.” [Press Release]

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