gta-5-stolenRohan Dawkins, a Delray Beach, Florida native whom you see in the image above,on the left, who also is a student at a local ACCESS program for adults with intellectual disabilities, happened to be on his way home after he managed to save up enough money through good old fashioned, honest hard work to purchase a copy of GTA 5 when he was set upon by a married couple who punched and kicked him in order to relieve him of his GTA 5 copy.

Thankfully, all is all right now, as the adequate amount of media coverage has had locals doing their bit to make Dawkins’ life a whole lot more pleasant after that incident. In fact, Dawkins has already managed to pick up a replacement copy thanks to one of his fellow ACCESS students, while he also received additional offers for assistance, including a GameStop that claimed they will pass to him a collectors edition of GTA V. Not only that, there was another anonymous local who intends to purchase for him an annual bus pass considering how Dawkins takes the public transport in order to commute to and from his job. Even better news, both suspects in the robbery, Tommy Davis and Adele Jones, have already been arrested after they were successfully identified on CCTV footage. All’s well that ends well, right?

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