ipadiphonepromo-620x214Just the other day we reported that Microsoft in a bid to make customers jump ship from Apple’s iPad, started to offer customers a $200 gift card if they were to trade in their iPad at one of Microsoft’s retail stores. Now it looks like Microsoft has decided not only do they want customers jumping ship from tablets, but from smartphones as well and have started a trade in program where customers can trade in devices such as iPhones, Samsung devices, and even BlackBerry phones where they will be given a gift card worth up to $350 via Microsoft’s Corporate Buyback promotion.

This program is open to everyone and is applicable even to businesses who might want to trade in a bunch of older devices, from which they can get a single quote for all of it at once. All you’d need is a Microsoft Account ID which can be registered for free. This deal appears to be handled by Clover Wireless and not Microsoft directly. No word on when this particular promotion will end, but if it sounds like something you might be interested in, you should probably be quick about it just in case!

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