peachy-printerTo say that every home as a 3D printer in this day and age would be stretching the truth, although one cannot deny the fact that 3D printing has become a whole lot more mainstream than what it was a few years back. Unfortunately, pricing issues have a very big role to play for the lack of 3D printer proliferation amongst households, with many of these 3D printers costing at least four digits of your bank account. Hope springs eternal with the optimistically named Peachy Printer, where it has already surpassed its $50,000 crowdfunding goal and will eventually offer extremely affordable 3D printing as well as scanning to anyone who has some cash to spare.

We are talking about just $100 here to bring home the Peachy Printer, which functions as a 3D printer and scanner. Not only that, it is extremely diminutive in size, making it one of the smaller 3D printers that we have ever laid our eyes on to date. Of course, if you have $350 to spare, it will come with the 3D scanner bit, but basically the entire shebang is so affordable you might want to consider revising your Christmas shopping list. Right now, there are still $100 Peachy Printer kits available over on its Kickstarter page.

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