Sony ILCE-5000 Listed By Indonesian Agency

ILCE-5000_zps33fa1fe2We’ve been hearing about how Sony has created a new camera category where the models will fall under the “ILCE” moniker, and so far we have seen devices like the ILCE-7, and ILCE-3000. Well it turns out that Sony has more models planned and one of them will be the ILCE-5000, at least that’s according to an Indonesian agency, Postel, who revealed the device in one of their listings. According to Sony Alpha Rumors, the ILCE-5000 is allegedly a more advanced version of the Sony A3000, but other than that the full specifications of the camera remain unknown.

Sony has since removed the entry which could mean that either the entry is real and Sony just doesn’t want the cat let out of the bag yet, or it could have been made in error hence the removal. Either way we’ll be keeping our eyes peeled for more ILCE-5000 sightings in the future, so be sure to check back with us at a later date for more updates! In the meantime if the ILCE-5000 is indeed am ore advanced version of the Sony A3000, what sort of specs or features do you think it might pack under its hood?

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