ps4delay-lackofgamesAs gamers are probably acutely aware by now, the Xbox One is expected to see a release on the 22nd of November. The PlayStation 4, on the other hand, will see a release on the 29th of November in Europe, but a 15th of November release in North America. Essentially what this means is that over n Europe, the Xbox One will have a 7 day head start. This might seem like a big deal to some, but to Sony they don’t appear to be too concerned about that fact. Speaking to CVG during the Eurogamer Expo, Sony UK MD, Fergal Gara, basically called the difference of a week a “moot point”.

“Would you rather have seven days or sixteen months? I think it’s a moot point really, we’re effectively launching at the same time. I don’t think seven days is going to have an advantage or disadvantage. […] [Our price] is an advantage, but it can move over time. Value to the consumer is everything, which is price and quality of content for that price. We feel in very good shape on that front. We’re really pleased.” It is true that the Xbox One is priced about $100 higher than the PlayStation 4, but that is due to the inclusion of the Kinect sensor. Either way we guess we will just have to wait for figures to come in before deciding who did better at launch.

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