For over a month now Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile subscribers have been able to walk into their carrier’s stores to pick up a LG G2, or have one delivered to them. Sprint subscribers have unfortunately had to wait a little bit longer. Earlier this month the carrier opened up pre-orders for the G2, which is expected to drop come November 8th. Sprint might have to send in additional supplies for Louisville, Kentucky, because unfortunately a truck carrying 22,500 LG G2 units bound for the city was stolen.

The theft took place around 6:30 pm earlier this week. The truck driver had pulled over for a bathroom break at a truck stop in Gary, Indiana and when he came back, the truck and its valuable cargo were gone. Illinois and Indiana state police have been brought into the loop, including the FBI. So far there has been no public disclosure of any leads, it is unclear right now exactly who is behind this theft. It is not known exactly what course of action is being taken, with regards to the stolen units. Obviously too soon to predict right now where these massive amounts of LG G2 units are going to end up, one thing is for sure though, they’ll probably not be found at your local Sprint store in Louisville.

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