google-chromecast-hero-photoGoogle has been pretty busy lately, promoting their Chromecast, where they have recently extended the Chromecast’s compatibility to the official Hulu Plus app. For folks who happen to reside outside of the US of A, it seems that if you were to want to lay your hands on a Chromecast dongle, it is not going to be too difficult since the folks over at Amazon has your best interest at heart.

You will be able to make an order now, as Amazon has started to ship the Chromecast anywhere outside of the US without having to involve significant markups or fees. Users throughout Europe, Australia and China have also reported that they managed to place a purchase order the device without running into any particular issues. It can also be imagined that Google will start to sell the device directly outside of the US in the future, but right now, Amazon is the only legit and best option.

Of course, you ought to also take note that the Chromecast app right now happens to be available in the US, but that should not be an issue at all since there is the ability to sideload .apk files on the Android mobile operating system if you happen to have the technical know how to do so.

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