Google Home And Chromecast Are Down

If you’re facing problems with Google Home or Chromecast today, rest assured because you’re not the only one. Normal service is disrupted for many users across the globe. Google has confirmed that Google Home and Chromecast are down for “some” of its users and that it’s investigating the issue.

Netflix On Chromecast Now Lets Users Skip Intros

When you watch a TV show or a movie, there are usually intros that accompany them. This is to be expected for pretty much every TV show you watch. However it does sometimes get in the way if you plan on binge-watching as the intros can get a bit tedious and repetitive after 10 episodes or so, which is why Netflix started allowing users to skip them along with recaps.

New Chromecast With Bluetooth Support Possibly Coming Soon

The existing Chromecast dongle will be some three years old this September which means that it’s time for Google to launch a new model that’s more capable than its predecessor. According to a report, a new Chromecast is now in the pipeline which has support for Bluetooth. The unannounced dongle has actually been spotted at the FCC where it has made its customary stop to receive the appropriate certification.

Google Chrome Will Soon Let You Cast Local Files

Google’s casting functionality works like a charm when you’re casting a webpage, video or even the entire screen to a TV but there has long been one glaring shortcoming. It didn’t allow users to cast local files from the PCs to the TV using the Chrome browser. Google is going to rectify this soon and Chrome will allow you to cast local files in the near future.


VLC For Android Adds Experimental Chromecast Support

Google’s Chromecast is a nifty little tool that lets users mirror content on their phones onto their TVs. If you’re looking to make a presentation or show a video to a group of friends and don’t want them crowding around a tiny phone display, then Chromecast is one way you could go about it.

Google Will Fix Wi-Fi Problems On Cast Devices Tomorrow

It was first reported about a week ago that some Google Home Max users were complaining that their devices were “killing” their Wi-Fi networks. They basically had to reset their modems and routers just to get their network up and running again. Subsequent reports suggested that the issue wasn’t limited to the Home Max and that other Cast-enabled devices from Google were causing the same problem. Google has now confirmed […]

Google Chromecast Reportedly Also Killing WiFi Networks As Well

Last week we reported that there were some Google Home Max users who were reporting that their devices, at least in more recent times, were “killing” their WiFi networks, and that they had to hard reset their modems and routers to get it back up and running again. As it turns out it isn’t just the Home Max that is to blame as other Google devices are reportedly acting up […]

Google Chromecast, Apple TV Will Be Sold By Amazon (Again)

Amazon seems to have some kind of on-again, off-again relationship with some of the big tech companies out there, such as Google and Apple. As you might have heard, previously Amazon decided to stop selling the Google Chromecast and the Apple TV, but now it looks like Amazon has decided to start selling them again.

Amazon Music App Gets Chromecast Support

Amazon and Google’s love-hate relationship continues to confuse people. While the former ditched Chromecasts from its online marketplace and the latter decided to pull YouTube support from the Echo Show, Amazon has decided to add Chromecast support to the Amazon Music app. It was expected that the Amazon Music app might get support for Chromecasts soon and this has finally happened.

Logitech Circle 2 Cameras Now Work With Google Assistant & Chromecast

Thanks to smart speakers and digital assistants like Google Assistant, being able to control our smart devices in our homes got a lot easier, where instead of fiddling with an app, we can just tell these digital assistants what to do instead. That being said the good news for Logitech Circle 2 camera owners is that the devices have recently gotten a bit of an update (via Android Police).

SoundCloud For iOS Now Supports Chromecast Streaming

Just because the Chromecast is a Google-made device doesn’t necessarily mean that it is locked to Android devices. Google knows this and the company has so far done a good job at allowing their apps and services to be used with non-Android devices, such as its Chromecast streaming device.

YouTube For iOS Updated With Chromecast Lock Screen Controls

Having to always unlock your phone to control media playback can be rather annoying, not to mention very inefficient and inconvenient. This is why more often than not, apps that support media playback tend to have a lock screen interface in which users can skip tracks, hit pause or play, adjust volume, and so on.

Apple TV Continues To Bleed Market Share

We’ve been hearing rumors for many years that Apple is going to launch a standalone smart TV but that hasn’t happened yet. It did launch an updated Apple TV set-top box in October 2015 but that hasn’t done much to improve its fortunes in the connected TV market. Latest data from eMarketer reveals that Apple TV continues to bleed market share as it sits at the bottom of the connected […]

Get Free HBO Now For Three Months With Chromecast

Google has a habit of providing incentives with each purchase of the Chromecast dongle and it’s back with yet another incentive. It’s a really good one. Customers who purchase last year’s Chromecast or the recently launched Chromecast Ultra will now get free HBO Now for three months. The purchase has to be made within a month from now in order to be eligible for this incentive.