A number of Apple Retail Stores around the world have amazing design and architecture. At home, New York’s infamous Fifth Avenue store is one of them, and so is the store in Shanghai, China. A glass cylinder leads customers down to the Apple Retail Store in Shanghai, the company has now been awarded a patent for this design. The patent is called Glass building panel and building made therefrom, and it describes the design of said glass cylinder. Metal joints are used to hold the big curved glass panels together, curving the panels to form the correct shape and to make them strong enough to bear their own weight and that of customers going back and forth certainly wouldn’t have been an easy task.

The Shanghai Apple Store was opened back in 2010 as part of Apple’s sales push in China. It was the second store to be opened in the country. The iconic cylinder is 40 feet high and contains the largest curved glass panels. The store has one of the largest Genius Bars and is also one of the largest stores that Apple has ever built. As of now there are three Apple Stores in Shanghai alone, a fourth one is expected to be opened in the near future.

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