Apple is known for its strikingly beautiful retail stores around the world. Perhaps one of the most iconic store is the company’s Fifth Avenue, New York, outlet which was flooded with rain water this morning. New York today saw torrential downpour and due to a leak in the west side of the store, water found its way inside the retail space where some 15 customers were present at the time. The New York Post reports that this leak started some time around 8 a.m.

Apparently the leak was caused due to construction that had been completed last year on the store’s roof. According to a worker, the large flat stones people walk on to reach the store were fixed correctly and this morning water came through them. Another worker said that there was a drainage problem with heavy rain. The Fifth Avenue store employees rushed to remove the water, though customers weren’t evacuated as no electrical issues were reported. Quite a lot of water was accumulated on the floor but it didn’t look like any of the products had been damaged by the flooding.

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