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First Apple Store In Saudi Arabia May Open In 2019
Apple already sells its products in Saudi Arabia through third parties but if a new report is to be believed, the company might open its first official retail store in the country in 2019. Apple is said to be in licensing discussions with Riyadh on investing in the Kingdom. Even Amazon is said to be interested in selling its own products in Saudi Arabia.

Apple Stores Receiving First Major Redesign In 15 Years
Apple today announced that it’s going to redesign the look of some of its top retail stores for the first time in almost 15 years. The new redesign will see the addition of conference and meeting rooms, living trees, and new video screens. It will also see the Genius Bar being renamed to “Genius Grove.”

Apple Online Store Closes Tomorrow Amid Whispers Of New Products
It has almost become a tradition that Apple’s online store closes hours before its keynote speech at one of its major events where it unveils new products. The store goes back up again after the keynote with updated product pages. However, the company may take the store offline from time to time for maintenance and the updated system status page shows that it will be down early tomorrow morning. It’s […]

Steve Jobs Didn't Like Genius Bars At Apple Stores Initially
If there’s one thing that you’ll always find at an Apple Store no matter where you are in the world, it’s the Genius Bar. It has become an integral part of the Apple retail experience. Customers can book a time with a Genius when they need some help with their Apple device or just want to get it repaired. It certainly makes life so much easier. However, according to a […]


Apple Will Host Free 'Hour Of Code' Workshops In Its Stores Next Month
Have you ever wondered what it takes to build apps for Apple’s devices? Why don’t you head over to one of the company’s official retail stores and find out for yourself. Apple has announced today that it’s going to be hosting free “Hour of Code” workshops at its stores starting early next month. Registrations are now open for the workshops that will be held between December 5th and December 11th […]

Apple's Flagship London Store Reopens October 15th
There are some iconic Apple Store locations across the globe that are tourist spots in their own right. All people who stop by the store may not necessarily be there to purchase products but many are likely to visit just to see the store itself. Apple’s iconic Fifth Avenue store in New York City is one such location and its store on London’s Regent Street was another. Apple closed the […]

Apple Eyes Mexico And Singapore For Retail Expansion
Apple continues to expand its retail presence in more countries across the globe. The company is now looking at Mexico and Singapore for further expanding its retail business. Apple CEO Tim Cook did reveal early this year that the company was looking to open up a shop in the country, it’s believed to be constructing one on the upper level of Centro Santa Fe, which happens to be the biggest […]

Apple Opening First Retail Store In Brooklyn Later This Month
Apple has confirmed that it’s going to open its ninth retail store in New York City later this month. This is the company’s first retail store in the borough of Brooklyn and it’s going to be opened next weekend. The store is located in Brooklyn’s Willamsburg neighborhood, at the corner of 247 Bedford Ave. to be precise.

Memphis Gets Next-Generation Apple Store
Apple is certainly a company that always looks to the future without wanting to remain stagnant, as the moment it does so, it will begin to fall behind its competitors. This is pretty much a basic mantra for just about any company, and not just for Apple, and to impress the masses all the more over the past weekend, Apple has opened up a next-generation Apple Store over in Memphis.

Apple's Screen Protector Program Launched In The United States
About a week ago Apple launched a new screen protector program for customers in Japan, enabling customers to get a Belkin screen protector carefully applied to their iPhone inside the Apple Store. The company has launched this program in the United States today and is also rolling it out to other countries. Screen protectors are only applied through Apple’s own retail stores in supported countries.

Apple Stores Will Offer Art And Photography Workshops From January
Starting next month Apple is going to offer art and photography workshops in its retail stores across the country, these workships aim to help amateurs use various apps available for mobile devices like the iPhone to capture much more creative photographs. There will also be workshops that will teach techniques for sketching, painting and drawing on the iPad, and as part of its Start Something New campaign, Apple is going to […]

Tim Cook: Apple Store Racism Incident 'Unacceptable'
About a week ago a video went viral online showing a group of young black students who were subjected to racism by an Apple Store employee at Highpoint in Melbourne, Australia. The employee can be seen in the video telling the young men that security is “”just a bit worried you might steal something,” and upon their protest they’re sternly told by the employee to leave the premises. Apple CEO […]

First Apple Store In Singapore Opens Next Year
Apple has a robust network of brick-and-mortar stores across the globe, the stores allow it to control the shopping experience for millions of potential customers, and it goes without saying that its stores contribute a major chunk towards the company’s earnings every quarter. Many might be under the impression that Apple may have an official store in Singapore, a market where luxury goods are much sought after, but according to reports […]

Apple Store Is Down Ahead Of New Product Announcements Today
The day that many Apple fans have been waiting for is finally here, today in San Francisco the company is going to unveil products which may include the new iPhones and an all new Apple TV, rumor has it that the new iPads could also be announced today. While we’ll know soon enough what Apple has in store for us, as expected the online Apple Store has gone down and won’t […]