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In August, Apple launched its iPhone Reuse and Recycle program. It is essentially a trade-in program which lets users trade their old iPhones in exchange for a gift card, which must be put toward the purchase of a new iPhone. Up till now the trade-in program had only been exclusive to Apple Retail Stores within the U.S., but we heard last week that the fruit company might expand the program outside the U.S. The company confirmed today that the iPhone Reuse and Recycle program has now gone live in the U.K.

It was rumored that perhaps the program will also be expanded into several European countries, and so far there have been unconfirmed reports that the program has indeed gone live in some countries, but a statement from Apple on that hasn’t been received as yet. The way this program works is that customers walk into an Apple Store, hand an employee their old iPhone who will assess its value based on a number of parameters such as hardware and water damage as well as screen quality. If the customer accepts the value they’re offered, their iPhone will be taken and they’ll be given a gift card of the same value which must be used to purchase a new iPhone.

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