Apple-sign-logo110712125041While customer satisfaction does not always translate into more sales, it is a feather that is worthy of sticking into one’s cap and as far as AT&T and Verizon customer satisfaction is concerned, Apple has managed to grab the number one spot. This is according to J.D. Power’s recently released smartphone satisfaction survey in which the four major carriers were surveyed regarding customer satisfaction. While Apple might have the competition beat on AT&T and Verizon, that cannot be said for T-Mobile and Sprint.

For the other two carriers, it looks like Apple’s rival, Samsung, has them beat. However it should be noted that on Sprint, Samsung edged Apple out with a ranking of 853, versus Apple’s 849, which is admittedly a pretty close call. It has been suggested that perhaps there is a good chance Apple might have beaten Samsung on Sprint as Apple’s new iPhones had only just gone on sale during the survey period, meaning that not as many units were sold yet. In any case the next survey might tell a whole different story so that will definitely be worth looking out for. In the meantime what do you guys think? Do you agree with J.D. Power’s findings?

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