bing-offers-seattleIn April this year, Microsoft did reveal Bing Offers, which is a shopping coupon and sales service that enables users to be able to hunt down the best discounts possible from local as well as national retailers. How has that effort gone so far? Well, Microsoft did announce a new pilot program today which will hopefully offer consumers a faster and more efficient method of taking advantage of such special Internet deals. This particular program will be known as Bing Offers Card-Linked, and right now it is being tested in Seattle.


According to Microsoft, users living in Seattle are able to sign up on their Bing Offers site using their Microsoft Account as well as requiring details on their debit or credit card so that they can take part in the program. Once one has signed up to this program, you will be on the receiving end of reminders such as local savings and deals in a range of delivery methods, among them include emails and notifications on programs such as Skype and Microsoft’s numerous Bing apps.

When you use your card to make a qualified purchase at participating local business, just as you normally would at a retail store or a restaurant, you are immediately notified about your savings and you will receive the discounts directly on your card statement.

This means Bing Offers will be able to do away with the need for users to print out coupons or pre-purchase specific deals which they will forget later on, or are unable to use. What do you think of this effort? [Press Release]

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