So we heard back in December 2012 that Facebook was preparing to launch video ads in News Feed by April 2013. April came and the world’s largest social network didn’t switch on video advertisements. It was then rumored in June that Facebook had pushed back the launch until Fall 2013 due to a number of features it wanted to launch alongside video ads. Fall begun and got most of wondering when Facebook video ads are going to be launched, but it seems that the launch might happen this year.

Several sources have apparently told AllThingsD that Facebook has been advising some of its advertiser clients to not count on video ads being launched before 2014. The reason why it has done that is believed to be concerns about upsetting users with video ads that will play automatically, though will require user action to turn on the audio. Apparently video ads are in demand and advertisers want Facebook to switch them on, but the social network seems to be pondering over the risk of irking its user base with video ads. Facebook hasn’t officially commented on this rumor as yet, so it can’t be said for sure if video ads have really been pushed back. Video ads will definitely become a major source of revenue for Facebook as advertisers would pour in money to reach its over 1 billion users around the globe. The question remains though, how would those users react to seeing video ads in their News Feeds? What do you think, should Facebook go ahead with it or should it consider another channel of advertisements?

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