google-offers-new-lookIt goes without saying, that any company which wants to remain on the forefront of things would do well to ensure that they will always be able to keep up with the times, whether it is in terms of design or features, or otherwise, Google knows this all too well, having grown from being a start-up to the behemoth that it is today, and when it comes to their Google Offers app on the Android platform, you could say that it has not been as loved as the other apps where design is concerned, but thankfully, all of that has already changed with a brand new app update.

The new version of the Google Offers for Android app would bring with it sidebar navigation capability as well as a card-based interface, in addition to making some tweaks as to how the app would function. For instance, in the past, you would need to make an offer purchase via the app, followed by redeeming it with the merchant. Instead, you are now able to save it to the My Offers tab, let the cashier scan the barcode on your phone whenever you wish to use it, and you’re good to go. This would translate to the ability to redeem offers even when you do not happen to have a network connection. iOS users, patience is the keyword here as you will need to sit this one out for a little while until the app on your platform gets updated.

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