gta-5-japanWe all know by now how Grand Theft Auto 5, or GTA 5 for short, has broken its fair share of records ever since it was released, pulling in a whole lot more dough than what some summer blockbusters could to boot. In fact, 7 Guinness world records fell to the GTA 5 onslaught, and hence, it was not surprising to hear that Media Create data depicts this title to be the highest debut for a GTA game in Japan, boasting of a sell-through rate of 85.71% on the PS3 as well as 92.57% on the Xbox 360.


Of course, what are existing statistics if they do not happen to have the “crutch” of previous releases to fall back upon? Let us take a walk down memory lane, with GTA 4 debuting in 2008 as it sold 132,676 copies in its first week on PS3 (78.77% sell-through) and 33,648 copies on the Xbox 360 (62.80% sell-through). Before GTA 5 ambled along, the best-selling debut for GTA was GTA: Vice City in 2004, where it sold 246,000 copies on the PS2.

One thing’s for sure – GTA 5 is going to be a record holder for quite some time to come, and it would be interesting to see whether future game outings under the Grand Theft Auto banner would be able to generate even better statistics.

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