chop-sycDo you love Fruit Ninja? That is definitely one fun game to enjoy, with your finger acting as some sort of cleaver which will slice and dice fruits that float up magically in the air before being subjected to the law of gravity and falling back down to earth again. Basically, it brings the ordinary chopping board to life. Well, in real life, we tend to have wood or plastic as the materials of choice when it comes to our chopping boards, but a particular Sharp intern decided that life should be more fun than that. Apart from the choice of material, she hopes that both resolution and processor power will eventually end up as important choices for a chopping board, too, resulting in the Chop-Syc.

The Chop-Syc is the idea of a certain Siobhán Andrews, who happens to also be the winner of a competition that saw her end up as a paid intern with Sharp in the UK. Basically, the Chop-Syc would be a tablet that runs on a custom software, and it also boasts of a scratch-proof surface which allows it to be specifically used in a kitchen. Apart from that, it also doubles up as a surface for slicing and dicing, with the tablet being your electronic recipe book, functioning as a scale as well as visualizer so that you are better able to envision various food serving sizes. Right now it remains as a prototype, but it would be something to see it realized.

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