steam-machinesBack in September, Valve took the wraps off their new Steam Machines whose announcement was preceded by the company’s SteamOS platform. The idea definitely has potential and given Valve’s success and reach with their Steam gaming platform, we wouldn’t be surprised if both SteamOS and Steam Machines kicked off with great success. However if there’s one person in the industry that has their reservations, it would be John Carmack, who for those unfamiliar, is the co-founder of id Software, the company behind titles such as the Doom and Quake franchise.

When asked what his thoughts were on Steam OS and Steam Machines, Carmack stated that he was not convinced that Valve would be able to repeat their success with Steam, and was quoted as saying, “It still seems a little bit dicey to me, getting everything moved over to Linux, pushing from that side of things. If it was some other random company, I would be pseudo-scornful, but it’s Valve, so I’m not.” Of course with all things new, there is bound to be a bit of apprehension and skepticism, but what do you guys think? Will Valve’s SteamOS and Steam Machines be able to take over the living room, especially with the might of Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo who are currently dominating that particular market?

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