steam-machinesThe other day Valve announced SteamOS, and now the company has announced new hardware that would be powered by it and Valve is calling the hardware Steam Machines. These are basically modified PCs that will allow gamers to play games on their television and at the same time fight consoles, such as the PlayStation and Xbox One, for control over your living room. As it stands the Steam Machines will be entering beta testing this year and Valve has announced plans to ship about 300 of these machines to gamers who have signed up and have been selected by Valve to participate in the beta test.

According to Valve, gamers will be able to play hundreds of games natively during the beta and come 2014, Valve expects that there will be a multitude of different Steam Machines to choose from made by different manufacturers, presumably with different hardware specifications and price points. If anything this is a great way for Valve to start distributing its Steam platform on a larger scale, although the platform is pretty popular as it is, but this could take things to the next level. For gamers who are interested in participating in the Steam Machines beta, hit up Valve’s Steam Machines website for the details on how to participate in it.

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