steamosIt was just last week when we brought you word that the good people over at Valve have launched a teaser website, which will rekindle speculation concerning a Steam Box. Well, it seems that all those rumors can be put to bed now, as Valve has just announced not a Steam Box, but rather, SteamOS. SteamOS will be able to, theoretically speaking, transform any living room PC hardware into a Steam Box.

SteamOS will be based off of Linux, making it a free operating system which was specially optimized for gaming purposes on TVs. Similar to Linux, SteamOS will arrive with a philosophy of “openness”, so that users with the technical know how and ability are able to change the software as well as hardware according to their whims and fancy. Apart from that, it will also be able to stream any Windows/Mac games from your PC onto your SteamOS machine, making it all the more attractive. Other than “In-Home Streaming”, SteamOS will also feature a trio of other features, among them include “Music, TV, Movies,” “Family Sharing,” and “Family Options”.

Valve claims that SteamOS will bring “significant performance increase in graphics processing.” Will that be true? Only time will tell, so what are you waiting for?

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