microsoft-signWith Apple claiming titles such as the most valuable company (back in 2012, at least) and recently dethroning Coca Cola to become the best global brand, it certainly looks like they’re sticking it to the competition, but interestingly enough Apple did not manage to beat Microsoft when it comes to claiming the “Most Inspiring Company” title. According to a new study conducted by consulting firm, Performance Inspired, Microsoft has managed to nab the number one spot in the US. This is according to a survey which had 5,000 participants who were asked to name five companies they believe were inspirational, and why.

This is not Microsoft’s first win as they won the title three years ago, but it’s nice to see them reclaiming it despite some hiccups along the way. According to the survey, other tech companies on the list (top 25) include Google at number 7, Amazon at number 8, and Apple at number 12. Performance Inspired believes that customers who are inspired by a company will tend to spend more with those companies, while encouraging others to do so as well. What do you guys think? Do you think Microsoft deserves the number one spot, again?

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