Apple adds yet another feather to its cap. It has already achieved the milestone of becoming the most valuable company in the world and now it has dethroned Coca Cola to become the best global brand. The soft drink company has held its top spot on the Interbrand list of the 100 valuable global brands for the last 13 consecutive years. It has now lost out to Apple, and has actually gone down to third on the list as Google is right up there behind Apple in second place.

In fact, Interbrand’s 2013 list of top 100 valuable global brands see domination of the top ten spots by technology companies. IBM, Microsoft, Samsung and Intel are on fourth, fifth, eighth and ninth place respectively. Interbrand pegs Apple’s brand value at $98.3 billion, while taking its record sales of both Macs and iOS devices in consideration, apart from appreciating the “seamless omni channel experience for customers” that Apple has created. Interbrand looks at the financial performance of branded products or the service, the role it plays in influencing customer choice and its ability to seek a premium price for a product which in turn brings earnings for the company, when it puts together the list of top 100 valuable global brands.

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