Fret not if you happen to be visually impaired – the folks over at Microsoft have thrown in their fair share of improvements to its Internet Explorer 11 web browser which will play nice with the Windows Narrator screen reader feature that came sometime last year when Windows 8 was launched. IE11 will be on the receiving end of its fair share of improvements when it comes to editing web-based emails as well as online documents. In one of them, it will boast of auto-correct for misspelled words in IE, while in another, it will inform the user the exact letter that has been deleted whenever the user verbally issues the command “backspace” in Windows Narrator.

Microsoft also mentioned concerning the formatting of the email or document, “For example, Microsoft Narrator says ‘bold’ and ‘end bold’ to let the user know that a section of text was emphasized with bold styling.” The video that you see above will depict just how the process works, which makes plenty of sense to watch it since a picture is worth a thousand words.

Apart from that, Microsoft also improved support in IE11 whenever visually impaired users want to access Input Method Editors, which comes in handy if one wants to type East Asian languages using an English language keyboard. [Press Release]

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