As a bearded American, being able to keep my facial hair neat and trim is one of my first priorities, right behind wondering if there’s any Twinkies residue left in my beard from the night before. When I trim my facial hair, leaving behind stubble is something I certainly don’t want as it’ll certainly ruin the looking I’m going for. That’s why I think I need a Panasonic ES-LV65-S in my life as not only does it have five blades to help trim facial hair, but it also has a built-in sensor that can detect the density of stubble hair, which it can then automatically adjust its motor’s speed so its blades can cut through facial hair easier.

The Panasonic ES-LV65-S‘ fancy bells and whistles don’t end there as the razor is completely waterproof as well as featuring an LCD display that provides information on the razor’s chosen shaving mode, when you should replace its blades and when it needs to be cleaned. The razor’s current battery life is also viewable from the LCD display, which Panasonic says you should expect 45 minutes of face-trimming action on a full charge.

With all of these features, you’d expect the ES-LV65-S to have a premium price. Well – you’re right about that as it’ll cost you $450 big ones. We just hope you take your shaving very serious for that kind of price.

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