sense-uAh, the relationship between children and their parents. New parents tend to be extremely paranoid about everything, making sure that they do all they can to keep their kids in sight, and head off to the doctor’s at every single sneeze or cough. One can never underestimate the virtue of vigilance, but thankfully, there are devices that will help us parents in our cause. Here is where the Sense-U comes in, being described as a wearable sensor for the whole family.

Sense-U will be able to keep track of just about everything – whether you are walking, running, sitting, and even your sleep quality. However, in order to differentiate itself from the rest of the market, Sense-U will be able to automatically detects dangerous activities, including falling down and inactivity. This would send warning messages to family members and healthcare providers. Not only that, it claims to be smart enough to monitor your child’s sitting and standing posture in order for them to prevent back problems sometime down the road. Hopefully it will be able to raise enough funds to be a reality over at Indiegogo, a crowd funding project site. There is still some time left for you to check it out just in case you think it might come in handy for you or your family.

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