shure-srh1540-2-640x464Shure is a company that has been known for its headphones and earphones, ranging from the affordable to the professional grade where consumers can expect to pay more than a thousand dollars. In any case if you’re in the market for a new pair of headphones, Shure has recently announced the SRH1540 and one of the highlights of these headphones is how the back of the headphone’s earcups are made of the carbon fiber material, meaning that the SRH1540 should not weigh as heavy as you might think and could be a comfortable fit, although this will differ from person to person.

The carbon fiber earcups are then attached to an aluminum alloy yoke, similar to the ones found on Shure’s SRH1840, and are then fitted with Alcantara earpads. The headphones will use 40mm neodymium drivers and oxygen-free copper cables, and according to Shure, the SRH1540 is said to have a slightly warmer bass compared to the SRG1840, which once again really boils down to personal listening preference. The SRH1540s are also closed-backed headphones, something to take note of. If you’re planning on picking up the Shure SRH1540, expect to fork out at least $624 for them.

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