It was at the beginning of this month that we brought you word that Episode 1 of The Walking Dead will be made available free on Xbox Live Arcade and the PlayStation Network. Well, for fans of Rick Grimes and his merry bunch of survivors who have seen far better days before the undead plague hit them hard and fast, here is some more news to keep you satiated. It seems that Microsoft has rolled out a special Walking Dead TV commercial for the Windows platform.

In fact, it was over the weekend that the Windows 8 Walking Dead Story Sync app made an appearance over in the Windows Store, which also happened to showcase pictures of the making of the latest Walking Dead-themed commercial for Windows. As the season premiere of The Walking Dead Season 4 had already happened, Microsoft decided to upload the whole ad which was shown during the episode to YouTube so that the masses will be able to enjoy it.

The ad itself will see a continuation of the storyline from the two previous Walking Dead ads, where the young couple who came together could thank the show as well as Windows 8 as the catalysts for doing so. These love birds happen to move in together now, as the man has a Lenovo Yoga as his computing device of choice, Skyping with his girlfriend on Windows 8.1

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