Nintendo Wii U owners now have the opportunity to pick up the digital and retail version of The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD, allowing gamers both new and old to enjoy one of NIntendo’s finest Zelda games ever created.  We learned a few weeks ago The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD wasn’t the only game Nintendo considered for an HD remake, although considering Nintendo producer Eiji Aonuma has admitted the game took a total of six months to develop, we think more HD remakes would be pretty easy to carry out in the future.

Aonuma-san spoke with 4Gamer about the process of remaking The Wind Waker, admitting “development was still difficult” as developers “had to consider the difference in hardware at the time.” Difficulties arose due to the new approach of Zelda’s art style, primarily the toon shading. “At that time, the technique was established, but had not be used before by our staff, everyone had to do everything by hand.” The Wii U’s widescreen support also posed another challenge as developers had to change certain scenes in the game as some characters could be seen partly on-screen within the console’s 16:9 aspect ratio.

With all of these challenges, it’s still incredibly impressive to hear The Wind Waker HD’s remake only took six months of work to create.

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