If you play video games frequently, we’re sure you’ve been caught in the middle of an argument over a game some time in your life. Which console is better? What game is the best? Who has the best controller? All of these questions have most likely resulted in heated arguments, but one video game dispute ended with a man receiving seven years in jail for chomping on a man’s penis.

Jason Martin is the man who was jailed for this strange incident, which apparently started when a former friend of his asked him to turn down the volume on his television while he played on his Xbox. As a result, their heated argument to a rather weird turn as Martin ended up biting down on the man’s penis through his pajamas “like a sandwich,” even going as far as gnawing on his testicles as well. The injury lead Martin’s friend to require stitches on the injured area.

Judge Adele Williams’ remarks shows what kind of animal the court believed Martin to be. “These were horrendous injuries but you have shown not one flicker of remorse,” she said. “I have no doubt that when you lost your temper you were determined to inflict as much pain and injury as possible. You also set out to humiliate him by taking hold of his penis and testicles and gnawing at them.”

I take my gaming pretty serious, but not “bite a penis” serious.

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