With the government’s Project PRISM having been unveiled, needless to say many are worried about their privacy, and more importantly, will the companies we entrust our privacy to protect us against government requests? Naturally there are times when the request for information is absolutely crucial, such as information that could lead to the arrest of a criminal or to crack down on illegal activity, and while the policies might differ from company to company, Apple has decided to publish a reportin which they detail how they handle government information requests, and more importantly how it affects their customers.

According to Apple, “We believe that our customers have a right to understand how their personal information is handled, and we consider it our responsibility to provide them with the best privacy protections available.” The report also provides a table in which it lists the governments that have approached Apple for information and while Apple is not able to disclose everything, the table is a small example of the type of information requests that they receive. It’s interesting that Apple has decided to be so forthcoming with this information, and we’re not sure if this will have a positive or negative effect on them, but what do you guys think? Would you like to see more transparency from other tech companies as well?

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