asus-miracast-dongleASUS has announced that they have a fair number of devices up their sleeves for the future, where the spheres that the company intends to influence will include tablets, smartphones, and laptops, but it seems that the living room too, is not spared with the launch of the ASUS Miracast Dongle. The Miracast Dongle from ASUS was specially designed so that you are able to check out content on your TV using a smartphone or a tablet. I suppose you can always lump this to be something like a wireless HDMI cable, where all you need to do is to plug the stick into your TV, boot up a presentation, game, or play a video on your mobile device, and you should also see a duplicate appear on your TV.

Some might say that the ASUS Miracast Dongle is not too different from that of a Google Chromecast, but do bear in mind that the Miracast Dongle will not be limited to a minority bunch of apps. Expect the Miracast Dongle to retail for €79 a pop in Europe. It does resemble a USB flash drive somewhat, but it will be accompanied by a HDMI connector in lieu of where a USB port would be found. [Product Page]

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