Being able to bank from your smartphone is one of those activities that we’re sure many of you who lived in the time prior to smartphones, or cellphones for that matter, truly appreciate. These days, you can transfer money to different accounts, deposit checks and pay credit card bills all from your phone without having to go to a bank center or send off a check in an envelope. One downside is that in order to be secure with private banking information, bank applications require an online banking password which needs to be typed on your smartphone. Capital One is announcing a new feature of its mobile banking application that makes it easier to log into your account.

Capital One’s SureSwipe borrows from Google’s Android mobile OS as you can set a pattern password in order for you to be able to access the application. The pattern password will certainly cut down the time it normally takes to input that extremely long password your bank requires you to put in every time you login.

In order to use SureSwipe, Capital One customers need to update their iOS app to version 4.3. Unfortunately, the Android update will be available in early 2014. If you want to save yourself time when logging into your Capital One account, then you need this update.

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