digital-detectivesMicrosoft has come up with a spanking new Cybercrime Center headquarters as part of their efforts to highlight its fight against cybercrime. This particular project has also been admitted by Microsoft to be a “CSI kind of place,” where it does seem to be focused on building awareness of potential threats as well as promoting Microsoft’s efforts when it comes to the non-stop fight against cybercrime. Microsoft Digital Crimes Unit general counsel David Finn said, “It’s like a functional movie set.But there is real-life cybercrime going on, and these are real-life labs to fight it in a cutting-edge way. This is not a TV show – we have important cases we’re working on right now, right on the other side of the window.”

Microsoft figured out that around half of online adults have fallen under the shadow of cybercrime in the past year, and cybercrime itself is said to cost the global economy up to $500 billion each year – now that is certainly a whole lot of money. Those who drop by the headquarters will be treated with information about specific cases which Microsoft did work on, where among them include the Citadel botnet which was believed to have infected millions of computers, and it was used to steal around $500 million from businesses and individuals. [Press Release]

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