facebook_chatIf you have been wondering what’s up with your Facebook chat feature today, it turns out that the issues you’re experiencing is not on your end, but rather on Facebook’s end as the company has recently announced that they are testing out a new chat feature. This chat feature, in case you have not noticed, will now display whether the user is on the web version of Facebook, or if they’re online via the Facebook Messenger app.


We’re not sure if we’re feeling these changes as the status indicators have typically been more than sufficient at determining if your friends are online or not. However if you’d rather be able to distinguish between chatting with a friend on the app or the web, then perhaps this recent change to the chat feature might be of interest to you.

While Facebook has yet to make an official announcement of the upcoming changes to the chat function, the social networking giant has reassured the public that they will be issuing a full statement once the feature has been finalized and has made its way across the majority of their users. In the meantime for those who are now experiencing the new chat feature, what do you guys think? Do you prefer this style or the previous format?

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