football-manager-downloadI suppose for every artist, movie producer as well as games developer, piracy is a very real concern that should be nipped in the bud and if possible, eradicated completely. Well, we have brought you word in the past concerning the different aspects of piracy as seen by various companies, but this time around, here is word on game developer Sports Interactive of the UK who tracked down a whopping 10.1 million illegal downloads of their hit title, Football Manager 2013. The game which launched in November last year was cracked later in May 2013, where copies of it made their way online in a jiffy afterwards.

Among the tracked copies of the illegal downloads, one of them happened to be traced all the way to the Vatican. Just how did Sports Interactive manage to keep track of the number of illegal downloads? It seemed that there was a loophole in the crack which allow the tracking of the IP address of every single individual who downloaded the cracked copy. China happened to carry the largest number of downloads in the past half year at 3.2 million, while Turkey with 1.05 million was in second place. All the illegal downloads could have brought in another $3.7 million in revenue for the company if they were legit copies purchased.

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