The number of downloads for Android apps has passed the 4.5 billion mark – which is up by 3.5 billion compared to the same time last year. The last billion, in fact, happened in a mere 2 months. Of course, this pales in comparison to Apple’s App Store which registered a cool 10 billion downloads earlier this January, but the rate of Android’s growth ought to have Apple executives sit up and take notice.

Will the Android Market overtake Apple’s App Store in due time? Perhaps, but we won’t really know yet until the future arrives. Bear in mind that the number of app downloads doesn’t translate directly to success – it could be vaporware for all you know.

Having said that, the total number of iPad apps in the App Store now totals 100,000. Do you think that both Android and iOS platforms are able to co-exist peacefully? The piece is certainly larger than you think.

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